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We are custom deck builders who specialize in trex decking. We are one of only a few contractors in the area that have the experience and know how to offer custom curved decking.

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Since the age of 16, I've held a job in construction. I've done everything from framing homes in small towns to building
skyscrapers in the city.

For over 10 years, I've mostly specialized in building decks. I have never minded working the 10, 11, or even 12 hour days with mandatory Saturdays. What I did mind was how little time that left for my family, and for my church. You see, God has blessed me with six children and a wife that is far better than I deserve.

Needing more time for family, friends, and church. Wanting to coach my sons' sports teams (and daughters if they weren't too cool to get dirty). Knowing God has given me the talent to build just about anything. I started praying and looking for the best way to provide for my family. God's answer, start your own business.


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